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SafeCheck Training has been providing exceptional cost savings and easy to use certification programs to Canadians for 20 years. We have always been committed to providing the absolute best personal service. When working with educators in both the private and public sector, we know that budgets are always tight and quick deployment is very important. That is why we are committed to ensuring we have the most affordable options for all types of educators, all while maintaining the highest level of service.  

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Let Us Set Up a No Cost – No Obligation Learning Account For You Today. We can have your fully functioning account setup in minutes and learners will be completing their online training minutes later.

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With 20 years providing leading training and certification, our staff are experienced and professional when it comes to working with your team and your students. If you look at our testimonials you will see, we have the highest level of customer service satisfaction in the industry.  

Branded Learning – Managed by Us or You 

We understand that as educators you are busy! That is why we deployed one of the absolute best Learning Management Systems, allowing for simple use with incredible power and depthIf you want to enroll your students, manage the reporting and handle the certificates, you can! Or allow us to do it all for you so all you need to do is send us an email or give us a call and the rest is done for you. We know that keeping your branding is important, that is why your dashboard is built to reflect your brand! 

Our learning management system allows teachers to:  

  • Enroll students with 1 simple step 

  • Monitor student progress 

  • Manage reporting  

  • Access certificate records 

  • Set reminders for students 

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Bundle Courses – Build Confidence – Save

Food Safety, WHMIS and many more. Bundling courses together offers significant savings over our already low prices. Our growing list of professionally developed courses include full narration, high quality images, videos with games and quizzes along the way to ensure students stay engaged. Courses are designed for easy navigation and are compatible on mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops.

Any Device From Anywhere

” Here at Notre Dame High School we have been dealing with the Canadian Food Safety Group for about five years now. During that time, the people I have dealt with have always been first rate. They are quick to respond, very helpful and always a pleasure to deal with. Any issues have been resolved with total satisfaction. I highly recommend them! “

Andy W. B.Ed. R.S.E.

Culinary Teacher, Notre Dame High School