Quebec Approval


The Quebec Food Regulation details requirements that a food establishment must follow to ensure prevention of health hazards and the protection of public health. The regulation  lists requirements regarding temperature control, maintenance, employee health & hygiene, cleaning & sanitizing, standards for equipment as well as record keeping tasks.

Like most Provinces the Quebec Food Regulation lists food handler training requirements as part of the regulation.

Sample Certificate & Wallet Card

The operator of a food establishment is required to have Food Establishment Manager training before applying for a business license.
One employee or 10% of the operator’s workforce is required to have food handler training approved by MAPAQ.
The operator is required to keep a records of training certificates for all current and previous staff who have worked in the last 12-months

The SafeCheck Advanced Canadian Food Safety Certificate is approved in Quebec and all other Provinces and Territories across Canada.

Failing To Train & Certify Your Staff Can Lead To

  • Public Health Order to Close Business

  • Higher Probability To Fail Public Health Inspections

  • Unwelcome Media Attention

  • Possible Charges & Prosecution

  • Public Health Order to Destroy Food

  • Posting of Public Health Inspection to The Internet