Restaurant staff wearing an apron and gloves handling food inside a restaurant's kitchen

There’s no excuse for unhealthy practices in a facility where food is prepared or handled. Restaurant owners have a responsibility to adopt strict measures to ensure the highest standards of food safety.

Without the correct food safety protocols, food can be at risk of contamination with salmonella, E-Coli, and norovirus. The best way to avoid such health risks is to keep yourself up-to-date regarding the latest regulations and laws pertaining to food safety.

This has several other benefits in addition to customers’ safety, so it’s worth training your employees on food safety to ensure they’re aware of food safety and hygiene standards.

Who Needs Food Safety Training?

Concept illustration of restaurant staff cooking food keeping food safety training in mind.

Operators at restaurants, food catering, food retail, or other food businesses are required to ensure that the staff is appropriately educated and trained with regard to safe food handling and maintaining hygiene levels.

This implies that owners, managers, supervisors, head chefs, and hygiene trainers in any food business must enroll in the right food safety training program to ensure they pass on appropriate training to staff members who are responsible for food handling. With food handler certification becoming much more affordable in recent years many restaurant operators are now choosing to have all staff members complete a nationally accredited food handler program.

Food Safety Training Reduces the Risk of Foodborne Illnesses

Food handler certification courses ensure that your employees know how to prevent foodborne illness, keeping your food business reputation intact.

How Can We Help?

As a business operator in catering, food production, or the restaurant industry, it’s your responsibility to ensure comprehensive staff training and supervision for food safety.

At Canadian Food Safety Group, we offer a comprehensive and affordable food safety certification course in Canada—SafeCheck® Advanced Food Safety. This course is offered in multiple languages in addition to English, including French, Spanish, Arabic, Punjabi, and Hindi. The 6-hour long course is equivalent to FoodSafe 1, ServSafe, TrainCan Advance.fst, and all Provincial Food Handlers Certification courses, and includes COVID-19 awareness and free unlimited exam retakes.

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